How to Cure Knee Pain

How to Cure Knee Pain

The knee is considered to be the largest joint in the body. Unfortunately, it is also one that is the most susceptible to injury. In fact, according to Medscape, over 200,000 ACL-related injuries occur each year in the United States. This means that there are almost a quarter of a million people searching for ways to cure their knee pain right now. Though your knee pain may not be the result of a torn ACL, you may still be searching for a remedy. In this article, we will discuss a few of the most effective cures.


Ice and Rest

Whenever the tendon around your knee becomes irritated or inflamed it is often the result of constant, and repetitive use. A common sign is lots of swelling. You may even notice that your knee has developed a lump right along your tendon. The pain usually increases whenever you move the knee or try to rotate it in any way.You can easily cure this type of pain by resting the knee and applying ice to it.


Perhaps you re someone who suffers from arthritis. With time, the cartilage that covers the bone can become worn. And this results in deep and intense pain. If you are someone who obsessed or have experienced fluctuations in your weight, then this condition can be extremely progressive. One of the best ways to deal with pain in this scenario is to use a form of aquatic therapy. You may use a contrast or heat bath. You should also use a few, gentle range of motions exercises in order to explore the potential of your movement.

How to Cure Knee Pain


In some cases, your knee pain may simply be a result of tight muscles. In order to relive the pain, you need to loosen them up. A great way to improve flexibility and to increase your range of motion is to massage the knee. In many cases, this will provide instant relief and allow you to go about your daily activities.

Strengthen Your Glutes

Many people are surprised to learn that knee pain can be a result of weak abs, hips are glutes. This is why it is a good idea to keep these areas strong. Search for hip and glute workouts so that you can make them more strong. Just remember, that this will take a considerable amount of consistency. If your knee pain is too extreme to do traditional exercise, you may want to consider water aerobics–this will allow you to get the exercise you need will keeping the pressure off.

Ginger Extract

If you are someone who has explored medications but are more interested in natural cures for your knee pain, then you could always consider taking herbs. Ginger is an excellent remedy and it can be found in several forms. You can add it to your food as a spice or in your teas.

Believe it or not, you do not have to live with knee pain. There are a few things that you can do on your own in order to cure your symptoms. However, it is best to remember that you should also treat the root of the problems as well.