Floyd Mayweather cars

Floyd Mayweather cars

Floyd Mayweather is known for being both an undefeated boxer and a successful businessman, but above all else, he is known for being rich. It is estimated that Floyd Mayweather is worth $400 million to $600 million according to networthinsider.com – Floyd Mayweather net worth, and with money like that, its only right that he spends his money like he earns it, fast and loud. Floyd Mayweather’s cars are expensive, flashy, and drive with finesse, not unlike the Floyd himself.

Floyd’s car modelsFloyd Mayweather cars

Some say that Mayweather owns upwards of 100 cars, and he doesn’t just pick the cheap ones. Mayweather’s collection of vehicles contains some of the most valuable cars on the market. An average person could spend their entire life trying to save up for one of these vehicles, but Floyd will buy multiple copies of the same car in one shopping trip just because he can. Modesty is not one of his strong suits. Here are a few cars that can be found in the Floyd Mayweather car fleet.

One of his favorite cars is his Bentley Mulsanne. This luxury vehicle makes other rich and famous celebrities stop in their tracks. Starting at around $300,000 this car, ranked 5/5 from Car and Driver, is a must have for anyone flexing their wealth. Those who own a Mulsanne will not only spend a lot on the car itself, they will end up spending a lot on gas as well, because it only gets around 11 miles per gallon city. However, for a superstar like Floyd, money is not an issue. Mayweather takes this car when he wants to show up to an event in style. More information about this found at Networthinsider’s website.

For when he wants to speed things up for a change, Mayweather drives his McLaren 65OS. This speedster goes 0-60 mph in 3.4 seconds, so this is the perfect choice for getting somewhere fast. Whether Floyd is dodging punches, or dodging the competition, this is the perfect car for his escape. If there’s one thing to know about Floyd Mayweather, it’s that he loves his cars.