Flannel Sheets Vs Cotton Sheets

Flannel sheets and cotton sheets are of course, two different animals altogether. Most people think of flannel sheets on a warm bed in the winter months, and cotton sheets as breathable, cooler, and nice to use in the warmer months.

There indeed, is a different between flannel sheets and cotton sheets, however they are more alike than one may think. Listed below is a summary of the differences between flannel and cotton sheets.

Information from Bed Sheet Advisor.

Flannel Sheets:

First off, flannel is made of wool, cotton or synthetic fiber. Flannel is often used for some types of clothing, and it’s well known for it’s loose stitching, and it’s a loosely woven material. It’s also extremely affordable. Flannel sheets are extremely soft and comfortable. Like cotton sheets, the quality of flannel sheets depends on the thread count. It doesn’t really matter which temperature you wash flannel sheets in; they will rarely shrink. They also rarely wrinkle like their cotton counterparts. Flannel sheets are a fantastic way to keep you warm in bed in colder months, but cotton sheets are much cooler in the warmer months.

Cotton Sheets:

Cotton is actually used in flannel sheets. As we all know, cotton is used for several materials, especially clothing. Cotton is a much lighter fabric and the higher the thread count, the better the sheets. Cotton has a tendency to shrink a little more than flannel. It also wrinkles fairly bad so it’s a good idea to put your sheets on the bed immediately after they are done drying. This will produce fewer wrinkles on your fresh made bed. High thread count cotton, particularly Egyptian cotton, can feel particularly luxurious, and cotton is a wonderful, breathable, light choice for warm, summer months. Cotton can also be made from recycled cotton, which makes it environmentally friendly.

The Bottom Line:

Whether to buy flannel or cotton sheets of course, ultimately depends on you. If you want to be warmer in the winter (and snugly!) you will want to use flannel sheets, especially in northern climates. If you want to be cooler and you just don’t sleep well if you’re warm, cotton sheets are the correct choice for you.